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What To Do When Your Toilet Begins To Overflow

An overflowing toilet is most often caused by blockages in the plumbing, or a defect in the ball-cock mechanism that regulates water flow in the cistern. The combination of these two elements is disastrous. Not only does the ball-cock fail to halt the rise of water inside the cistern after flushing, but a blockage in [...]

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Why Is It So Important To Clean Drains Regularly

Cleaning drains is far from the most glamorous household maintenance job. And because it’s out of sight, the temptation always is to put it out of mind. But not paying attention to the condition of your household drains can have serious long-term consequences. In the kitchen alone, food particles and other gunge can get flushed [...]

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How to Shut Off the Water Supply in Your Home

Knowing the location of the various water valve shut-offs in your home, as well as the mains valves that control the supply of water for the entire house, is indispensable. When emergencies arise—such as a burst water pipe or an overflowing toilet, for example—knowing how to shut off the water can be the difference between a [...]

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